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Here are the topics we’ve covered so far, check the month and year at the left to access the posts. Mobile users will need to scroll down to see the content. Beginning at the first post we find:

In March, 2014 we discussed decorating for the party and what time to schedule the show on the day of the event.

In April, 2014 I talked about a clever hat invitation the you can make for special folks.

In May, 2014 we had a post on how to increase the visibility of your party from the street; this is a big help to your guests.

In June, 2014 the theme was Carnival Magic.

In July, 2014 I talked about how to protect your valuables during the party.

In August, 2014 I wrote about appropriate music for children’s parties.

In September, 2014 I detailed how to go about hiring my magic show for your event.

In October, 2014 I posted a neat idea on a rabbit in the hat birthday cake. Thanks Bethany!

In November, 2014 I told the best way to set up your living room for a magic show. I’ve had several parents tell me this was a big help when they hosted my show.

In December, 2014 we talked about finding the perfect place to have your party if you don’t want to have it in your home.

In January, 2015 I talked about my show for Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquets.

In February, 2015 I gave my reasons for having shows inside rather than outdoors and how to work around our weather.

In March, 2015 I discussed the reason a professional entertainer is your best choice.

In April, 2015 I created this table of contents.

In May, 2015 I gave a great idea on how to cut your entertainment costs in half.

In June, 2015 I revealed a great cookie cake that is both easy and fun to make. Thanks Staci!

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Setting the Living Room Stage


Setting up your living room for a magic show is easy but it may require a bit of planning to get the best use of your space. Look at the following illustration.


This is how most living rooms are laid out; the television/entertainment center is the main focus of the room with couches, loveseats and chairs arranged in a U around the coffee table and entertainment center.

This is good for TV viewing but if our magic show was placed directly in front of the television, about half the audience would be at the sides. The show space would extend too far into the living area and the performer would have his back to much of the audience no matter which way he turned. Consider this arrangement instead:


Notice how the coffee table has been removed and the sofas and chairs are moved slightly to focus the attention to the right corner of the room.  Now, more people are looking directly at the show from the front and there is more space for the children to sit on the floor. Since the only piece of furniture that is actually removed is the coffee table, it’s an easy matter to move things back into place once the show is over. Setting up a living area in this way you can have the sofas available for parents to sit comfortably and room for the boys and girls on the floor. Thanks for reading!

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