Tips For A Safe Party



It is your responsibility to look after the safety of your guests whenever you host a party. Accidents do happen but you should do your best to avoid them by thinking ahead to prevent mishaps. On two occasions I have arrived at the event to find there was an ambulance sitting in front of the home. The first incident was a boy who fell out of a tree house and broke his arm. The second time, a large statue in the back garden fell over and injured a little girl.  I’ve also witnessed kids being hurt pretty badly on jump houses and trampolines.

The key to preventing these things from happening is supervision. You have to keep an eye on the boys and girls at your party at all times! I know this is hard as you’re the host and doing your best to keep everyone happy and you cannot be two places at the same time. But as I said, it’s your responsibility to look after the safety of your guests. So, how can we do this?

One really good idea I’ve seen is to hire a babysitter. That’s right, a child coordinator to help you run the party will take a load off your mind. They can coordinate games and look after the safety of your little guests and they can also help serve food and drinks to the kids. You can also ask one of your relatives to help in this regard. Either way, getting some help is a good idea.

Other than that, you should do your best to create a safe environment at your party. One terrible idea that I’ve seen is to cover the floors of the party area with balloons. I’m not talking about helium-filled balloons tied to strings, I’m referring to lots of balloons simply blown up and dropped on the floor completely covering it. The balloons pop all through the party startling everyone over and over again. Also you cannot see the floor so anything actually on the floor will be stepped on and could cause a person to lose their balance. It’ s just a bad idea all around.

Have a first-aid kit within arms reach and make sure it’s well stocked. Remove (or support) large objects that could topple over. Have specific rules of behavior for jump houses, trampolines and large toys; especially those that involve children riding on them. Look for aggressive behavior, especially toward small children, and do what you can to stop it.

By looking after the safety of your guests you will insure a wonderful party experience for all involved. I hope you’ll contact me for entertainment at your party. Check out my website at Have a fun and SAFE holiday season and thanks for reading.


Magic Birthday Party Checklist




Have a plan for where you’re going to hold your party. See my suggestions in the post in December, 2014 on party places not in your home.

Ask your son or daughter who they would like to invite and get them to write down their names. Don’t forget cousins and other relatives along with their school chums.

Call me and see if I’m available on the day you have in mind. You might also check with important guests and see if they’re available on that date as well.

Make a list of party supplies including: invitations, thank you notes, decorations, tablecloths, napkins, cake, ice cream and a sign for the party. Beside each item on your list put a possible source either on the internet or at stores in the area. Your goal is to be able to get everything you need in one day if you have to go out shopping. Send out the invitations when they arrive and order things on the internet well in advance.

Think about the food you’re going to serve. Keep it simple with finger foods like celery with peanut butter filling, carrots, popcorn balls, little sandwiches and the like. Drinks can be purchased in advance and chilled the day of the event. When you decide what you’re going to serve; make a grocery list.

Order the cake so it will be ready ahead of time. If you have room in your fridge get the cake early so you don’t have as many errands the day of the party.

The day before your party decorate the house and do any last minute shopping. Prepare the finger foods and clean the house and back yard. You should be ready for a great party the next day when all you have to do is ice down the drinks, bring out the food, and put the sign in the front yard. You won’t have to worry about me as I will have confirmed my appearance a few days before. Get your son or daughter to lend a hand, after all it’s really their day and they should be happy to pitch in! Good luck!

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The Magical Cookie Cake!




Have a look at what Staci and her Mom made for her son Quinn’s 6th birthday party. An easy to make chocolate chip cookie cake! Chocolate chip cookie dough was pressed into shape (make sure it’s thick enough to be a real cake) and baked. It’s like two big cookie cakes joined together. After that they used different colors of buttercream to make the rabbit in the hat, the wand and the stars. You can use a toothpick to dot out a guide and you may want to practice writing on a piece of parchment paper first to get your lettering correct. Use melted chocolate with a different coupler on your pastry bag for the edges. With Staci’s and her Mom’s template you should be able to create a delicious cake with very little expense and effort. Who says you have to buy an expensive store bought cake for a magical birthday?

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Saving Money on Birthday Entertainment



Would you be interested in saving 50% on entertainment at your next birthday party? This blog post will tell you how.

Entertainment costs are higher for magicians (as compared to other party activities such as “bounce” houses) because we have more up front costs. These include costume cleaning, taking care of animals, extra income tax for self-employeds, gas, toll roads, etc. These costs really add up; I’m one of few magicians in Houston that carry full insurance for my events, for instance.

Here’s how to save half your costs. When your child’s next birthday comes around pay attention to invitations you get to other children’s parties about the same time. Make a note of them and how close their birthday is to your child’s. Also, ask some of your relatives about any of their kids that are celebrating within a few weeks of  your date. Pay attention especially to any home-schooled kids in your circle and your neighborhood that have birthdays within a few days or weeks of your event.

When you’ve gathered that information, contact the parents and ask them about having a joint celebration where you split everything 50-50 when the birthday rolls around. This way your entertainment costs will be half what they would be if you took on the whole amount yourself.

This idea is something that has been around for a long time for parents whose children have birthdays close to the same time. But you can make it work for you too if you don’t mind sharing your event with one other child. Sometimes, it’s a friend of your son or daughter and it would be the same kids invited to both parties anyway. If you use a neighborhood clubhouse it’s even more of a win-win situation as neither of you will need use their home. As an entertainer it’s easy to work for two birthday children as I’ve had to prepare for that kind of show when the birthday kids are twins.

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What’s on the Houston Magician Blog?



Hello! Thanks for checking my magic party blog.

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Steve Burton Professional Magician



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Yes, I’m a full-time professional magician which means magic shows are how I make my living. I read a book on Houdini when I was young and aspired to become a magician when I grew up. Some say this constitutes a “calling” but I see it more as an expression of my personality and my desire to share this wonderful craft that so captured my imagination when I was a boy. But I’ve discovered that this isn’t the case with many of the people who also perform magic shows in our area.

Some people who charge good money for shows are not really magicians in the strictest sense of the term. They are often puppeteers, jugglers, balloon artists, or clowns and they simply add in a little magic so they can book the shows under the “Magic Show” designation. There is nothing wrong with this unless they mislead their customers into thinking they’re going to perform as a magician. They are technically doing a Variety act that may or may not be what you’re looking for when you hire a magic show.

And you notice I said I’m a “full-time professional” magician and not a part-time performer. Why would this make a difference? Couldn’t someone do something in their spare time and do just as of a job as a professional? I think so, IF the person was conscientious and took the job seriously, they could do a competent show. But the problem comes when their full-time position interferes with their part-time ambitions. I don’t know how many times I’ve received a panicked telephone call on Friday night from a parent who just had their entertainer cancel at the last minute. It’s always sad and sometimes I can come to their rescue but often I’m booked and cannot help.

Here’s how it happens; the part-timer has the show on his or her calendar for a Saturday or Sunday. But it’s been a busy week and shows take preparation and they just haven’t had the time. They procrastinate, thinking they can get it all done the night before and be ready by the weekend. But rush hour traffic, last minute dinner preparations or family issues in general eat up their Friday time and they realize they will need to stay up late preparing and practicing in order to make it happen the next day. That’s when they give up, pick up the phone and call you citing “family issues” as their reason for the cancellation.

When you hire me you will not need to worry about this situation. I’ll call and confirm both by email and telephone the week prior and cancellation (especially the night before!) is not my way of doing business. Think about it, if you were to hire a plumber, a lawyer, or any other service person, would you want someone who does it as a hobby?

I hope you’ll give me a chance to show you my magic and make your event a real success. My website is or you can email me at Thanks for reading!

How to hire a magician



You’ll need to know what day you’re having your party so I can see if I’m available. Then you’ll need to know the approximate time you want the show to start. I think 30 minutes after the party begins is a good time to start the performance; this gives everyone time to get there and get acquainted before the festivities get underway.

I have a 45-50 minute show aimed at age groups 4 years up to about 11 years old. It features comedy, audience participation, music and live animals (a bunny rabbit and white dove). Even though it is 45 minutes long, it moves quickly and really holds their attention. After I make the bunny appear, I have a magic trick that I teach the children and then I hand out goody bags to everyone and finish by making a present appear for the birthday girl or boy. The cost depends on how far I need to travel and the size of the audience. Please note that due to the problem that wind creates with my props, the show has to be held indoors.

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Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!

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