Magic Photo Booth Idea!



Have a look at what Eddy’s mom did for his 5th birthday and magic show! It’s a custom made photo booth cut-out for everyone to take photos and share a memory of the event. Claudia is a very talented person when it comes to art and she did the drawing herself. It’s made of inexpensive foam core board which is readily available at arts and crafts stores and I’ve even seen it at dollar stores. You can use her idea to create your own and don’t forget to emblazon it with your child’s name so everyone will remember whose party it was. If you want to really “jazz” things up they sell magic props especially for magician photo booth’s on Amazon too. Kids hold up signs that say, “Abracadabra” and “Welcome to the Magic Show”. You can find them at

Thanks to Claudia and Eddy for sharing their magical idea with me and my readers! I had a great time at your party and enjoyed performing for all your guests.

If you’d like to have a magician at your party too check out my website at or email Thanks for reading.


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