Timing Your Guests


A big issue you have when planning the timing of your party are your guests arrivals. It’s become more and more apparent that some guests don’t arrive on time. Prospective clients will often admit that “my family and friends are always late.” There are many reasons; traffic, getting the kids ready, etc.

Here’s a tip that will help get them to the party in good time. Tell them when the show is going to start. I’ve found that by telling them; “The magic show will start promptly at 3:00 pm” you will motivate them to be there before that time. This gives them a time limit on their arrival. While they may not be concerned about being a few minutes late for the party, they will care if they miss the show.

I’m telling you this out my personal desire for each and every child to experience the magic at the same time. It hurts to see the look of disappointment on the children’s faces when they walk through the front door and see that the show has already begun. Also, other children will later tell them what they missed and I had one child actually begin to cry when he realized he had missed my exciting opening sequence with a live dove.

So don’t just ask them to arrive when the party begins, tell them when the show starts too. I usually like to start 30 minutes after the party begins so time your guests arrival and you won’t have anyone disappointed.

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