Make a Birthday Table!


When your guests arrive at a birthday party, one of the first questions they will ask is, “Where do I put the presents?” This makes a lot of sense since they’ve spent a good amount of their time buying and wrapping your little one’s gift, negotiated carrying it from their home to the car and finally into your living room. They naturally are ready to deliver it and accomplish one of the more difficult tasks that comes with attending a birthday event.

I’ve noticed a few times that the hostess hasn’t given a lot of thought to this and just points to a corner of the room and says, “Just put them over there”. This works only if someone else has already deposited a gift in that area and they can see where they’re indicating. Other times I’ve seen the hostess have a table designated as a specific place to put the gifts.

Look at the photo above and see what one of my clever parents did at their party. The table displays the cake and sweets ready for consuming. The banner clearly says, “MAGIC SHOW” so everyone knows what to expect in the way of entertainment. The area in front of the table is available as the place to put all the great gifts. I call this a “Birthday Table” and recommend you create one for your party too! They will not need to ask where to put the gifts and it makes a very nice display for your party. I’ve seen parents taking pictures of the Birthday Table to share with their friends on Facebook and Snapchat.

Having a magician at your party is a great idea! Have a look at my website at or my Facebook page at

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