Find the Piñata: Magic Party Game



Here’s a fun and exciting party game that I watched at one of my events. Sue and her daughter Maxine hosted a MAD HATTER BIRTHDAY PARTY with my magic show as the finale. One of the party games they played was quite clever and was a combination of a Scavenger Hunt and a Magic Piñata. Little pieces of paper were hidden in different parts of the house with clues as to the location of the next clue. At the end, the magic piñata was discovered and everyone took part in bashing it open for the eventual deluge of candy treats. Along the way, they found the blindfold, the bashing stick and little treats to keep their interest and excitement. If you’re having a piñata at your party why not make a game out of it and add some excitement? Thanks to Sue and Maxine for a great idea on a magical party game.

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Steve Burton




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