Saving Money on Birthday Entertainment



Would you be interested in saving 50% on entertainment at your next birthday party? This blog post will tell you how.

Entertainment costs are higher for magicians (as compared to other party activities such as “bounce” houses) because we have more up front costs. These include costume cleaning, taking care of animals, extra income tax for self-employeds, gas, toll roads, etc. These costs really add up; I’m one of few magicians in Houston that carry full insurance for my events, for instance.

Here’s how to save half your costs. When your child’s next birthday comes around pay attention to invitations you get to other children’s parties about the same time. Make a note of them and how close their birthday is to your child’s. Also, ask some of your relatives about any of their kids that are celebrating within a few weeks of  your date. Pay attention especially to any home-schooled kids in your circle and your neighborhood that have birthdays within a few days or weeks of your event.

When you’ve gathered that information, contact the parents and ask them about having a joint celebration where you split everything 50-50 when the birthday rolls around. This way your entertainment costs will be half what they would be if you took on the whole amount yourself.

This idea is something that has been around for a long time for parents whose children have birthdays close to the same time. But you can make it work for you too if you don’t mind sharing your event with one other child. Sometimes, it’s a friend of your son or daughter and it would be the same kids invited to both parties anyway. If you use a neighborhood clubhouse it’s even more of a win-win situation as neither of you will need use their home. As an entertainer it’s easy to work for two birthday children as I’ve had to prepare for that kind of show when the birthday kids are twins.

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One thought on “Saving Money on Birthday Entertainment

  1. I must say that one should be quite lucky to find a good friend with a close birthday date. I’ll check with other mums to see if any of their birthdays is a close match with my son. Great tip, wish me good luck!!

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