Magic for Cub Scouts



Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquets are really an annual birthday party for the organization. Every year Scout groups hold these events in February and they are a great opportunity for parents to meet, for the leaders to give out the awards, and everyone to have a nice meal to celebrate Scouting being another year older. As a former Scout, I know how important these events are to the boys and the parents and so I have a magic show that I customize for these occasions.

For instance, I use “Do Your Best” as the magic words to make things happen. I talk about the book Cub Scout Magic that I read when I was in Cub Scouts and how I learned some tricks and performed them for my Pack. This reinforces the importance of things you learn as a Cub Scout and how I became a magician. I even have a special trick that do with one of the neckerchiefs from a willing participant. Boys at this age really like to help in the show and I oblige them whenever possible.

One question I am often asked by the coordinators is when to have the magic show. I recommend having it after everyone has had a chance to eat something and begin right around the dessert course. That way the parents can settle down with their coffee while the boys watch the show. I think this is best because the Scouts have a tendency to eat quickly and the show gives them some fun right after the meal. After the show is the best time to hand out the awards as the boys are all together and you have their attention.

Call me at (281) 433-8352 to book your Blue and Gold banquet for the Houston area and vicinity. Or you can email me at to reserve your date. I’ll “Be Prepared” to “Do My Best” for your group!


One thought on “Magic for Cub Scouts

  1. wellandjoy

    I’ve always loved boys scout, it helps them learn skills that will help them to become the best they can be. The show sounds like it’s going to be a good day out for all families

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