Finding the Perfect Party Place


One of your first considerations when you plan your party is where to have it. In this post I’ll tell you my thoughts on the best venues for children’s events. The easiest choice is your own home and by having it there you’ll have the luxury of having the party come to you. I’d say that 85% of my work is done in people’s homes and that usually works out great. But what if you don’t want to hold it there?

One of my all time favorite spaces is the neighborhood community center. If your residential area has a party room you should try it as a possibility. They are frequently well maintained and the fee to rent is nominal for the most part. But do make your reservation early as they have a tendency to book up quickly; especially on Saturday afternoons. I’d say you should make your booking arrangement as soon as two months in advance for these venues.

Another good option are recreation centers in the parks department. Several cities in the Houston area have their own parks department and they often allow residents to rent out their buildings for events. You should also make early reservations for these places as well. Examples include the Bellaire Aquatic Center on 5th street, City of Webster Recreation Center on Pennsylvania, the Godwin Park Community Center on Rutherglenn and the South Montgomery Community Center on Lake Robbins in the Woodlands.

You might also look into karate and gymnastic schools especially if your son or daughter attend one on a regular basis. Even if they don’t advertise the fact, they might let you hold a party on a weekend afternoon as way to add a little revenue. They have parking, an open area for the show, rest rooms which are all perfect to accommodate a party and you might even get it for free (if your child attends the school).

Last on my list are restaurants and that’s because they are the most problematic. Often you have to share your space with other people and that takes away from making your son or daughter’s event a special experience. They are also somewhat expensive. The best of the family style restaurants that host parties are pizza places such Incredible Pizza in Conroe, Peter Piper Pizza in Copperfield and Gatti’s Pizza with six locations in the Houston area. Make sure you visit ahead of time to see the spaces they have available before booking.

Thanks for reading!

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