Rabbit in the Hat Birthday Cake



Preparing for your magic party can be a lot of fun if you look it at as a family project. I performed recently for a very smart Mom named Bethany who was celebrating her daughter Addison’s 8th birthday. Rather than buying a ready made cake, she created a clever rabbit in a hat cake with her girl’s help. They mixed Rice Krispies with melted marshmallows to form a ball for the head and two little balls for the feet. Then they baked a regular cake to make up the bottom part. Bethany made two layers for the cake, one vanilla and one chocolate to appeal to all the children.

More Rice Krispies were put into service for the hat and the whole thing was coated with different colors of rolled fondant. The fondant was also used to cut out the stars and for the bunny’s face. She and Addison did a great job and it must have been delicious judging from how fast the kids made it disappear!

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