How to hire a magician



You’ll need to know what day you’re having your party so I can see if I’m available. Then you’ll need to know the approximate time you want the show to start. I think 30 minutes after the party begins is a good time to start the performance; this gives everyone time to get there and get acquainted before the festivities get underway.

I have a 45-50 minute show aimed at age groups 4 years up to about 11 years old. It features comedy, audience participation, music and live animals (a bunny rabbit and white dove). Even though it is 45 minutes long, it moves quickly and really holds their attention. After I make the bunny appear, I have a magic trick that I teach the children and then I hand out goody bags to everyone and finish by making a present appear for the birthday girl or boy. The cost depends on how far I need to travel and the size of the audience. Please note that due to the problem that wind creates with my props, the show has to be held indoors.

Get in touch with me via email at or call me at 281-433-8352.

Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!

Houston Magician Steve Burton