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Music that is played in the background is a definite plus when trying to create a party atmosphere for events, but I find it oddly neglected when it comes to children’s parties. Sometimes there is no music at all and we hear only chatter above the usual household sounds of doorbells, phones and television. Other times, the music that is offered is geared more toward the adults rather than the kids. It is preferable to have something in the background, as opposed to silence, so here are my thoughts on appropriate music for your family events.

I believe the music should be chosen with the youngest of the children in mind. This means no loud selections with objectionable lyrics especially of the four letter variety. This seems obvious but I once experienced a painful time with a DJ who seemed to think it was okay to shock everybody with his own particular taste (or lack thereof). It was music that was definitely not what the attendees at an 8 year old birthday should have heard. So, when hiring someone to provide music direct them in that regard before they begin to spin or make it clear when you engage them.

But most of the time it is up to the parents to provide the tunes and this is why I believe it is sometimes overlooked. Who has time during the party to be constantly feeding the CD player when there are guests in your home? You have enough to do with the drinks, food and management of the children than to be constantly trying to find something to play. Even if you have a digital MP3 player, you still have to create a playlist and that could take some time, especially creating one of exclusively children’s music.

If you’re having the party in your home I found a solution courtesy of some smart parents I’ve had the pleasure to observe. They looked at what their cable/entertainment provider offered in the way of music channels and found some great background music. This was ambient music that was easy to maintain, would be age appropriate and provided the needed mood for a children’s gathering. One such package is called “MUSIC CHOICE” and is available on XFinity, UVerse, Charter Communications, and Verizon FIOS as well as other services. This company offers two channels “KIDZ ONLY” and “TODDLER TUNES” both of which are commercial free and age appropriate. If your music system is connected to the internet there is also PANDORA which offers “KIDZ BOP”, available at . They also have “TODDLER RADIO” something called “INDIE KIDS” as well as two Disney channels. Pandora is a free service but you do have to hear the occasional commercial.  You can even create your own station with Pandora according your child’s liking.

Just tune in your station and let it play during your party and you’ll find it really adds to your event’s atmosphere. You can control the volume via remote and is a worry-free way to make your child’s party a more enjoyable experience. Thanks for reading!

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