Protecting your Valuables




Of course, your primary concern is the well-being of the children at any kids’ party, but consider looking after your home and valuables too. I’m sure you’ll agree that this an important subject so let’s consider your furniture first.

I try to dissuade children from sitting on the furniture during my shows. I’ve seen all manner of furniture abuse from shoes, drinks, food and toys brought onto the sofa and chairs. So, I don’t give them the option UNLESS the adults insist on it. For whatever reason, they may not want their son or daughter sitting on the floor. I usually acquiesce and let them use the sofa if they’re not holding food or drinks.

But, then this happened. Once the lady who hired me said it was okay for the children to use the furniture. The sitting turned into climbing and soon the children were perched on the back of the couch like cowboys on their horses. It didn’t take long for the sofa to become top-heavy and then the whole thing fell backwards. It happened very quickly (about five minutes into my show) and of course the children gave out a loud exclamation as they went over. Everyone rushed to see if anyone was hurt and fortunately everyone was okay.

But then I noticed a very concerned look on the birthday dad’s face. It seemed he had stored some valuable antiques BEHIND THE SOFA to keep them away from the party guests! After the sofa was righted and we took a look, sure enough, some of his valuables were damaged and broken.

Yes, you should put away your valuables before a party but don’t just put them barely out of arm’s reach. Get a box and walk around your home gathering everything that little hands might want to pick up. Start in the medicine cabinets (prescriptions, poisons) then your sitting room (knick knacks, electronics, antiques), kitchen and don’t neglect the garage and outside porch area. Now hide the box somewhere safe and you’ve  taken a big step toward protecting your valuables. And do heed my suggestion concerning the children watching the show on the floor. It’s really the best way and the boys and girls don’t seem to mind. Thanks for reading!

Steve Burton

Magic for Birthday Parties