Carnival Magic!



I was speaking with a parent at my last birthday party and he told me that my show was actually cost effective and I asked, “Why do you say that?” He related that at the last party he held it in one of the ubiquitous “jump party rooms” and it cost him almost $600.00! He then told me that all they received for that was an hour in the play room, cake, drinks and the staff coming to sing the birthday song. I’ve always suspected that you can save a lot of money having it in your own home but I never realized how much.

If you DO want to spend more money to make your child’s birthday a bigger event you might try having the magic show fit into a theme. I’ll be talking about various themes that I’ve been a part of in future blog posts, but this time let’s consider a BACKYARD CARNIVAL. This is a fun theme that kids love and a magic show fits perfectly.

This is a good idea if you have a decent sized backyard or even a big garage. Games can include bean bag toss, balloon dart board, guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar and lawn bowling. Prizes can be purchased at a Dollar Store. You can issue tickets for the magic show which will be set up in the living room. You can also rent a popcorn stand and have a supply of cotton candy to add authentic carnival treats. Face painting also goes well with this theme but I would caution against people wearing clown make-up as it tends to frighten the little ones. For supplies, go to Amazon and search for “carnival party”, you’ll find signs, invitations and other ideas for this theme.

If you tell me you’re using this theme when you hire me, I’ll bring along some appropriate carnival music to play on my sound system prior to the show. Happy planning!