Balloons on the Mailbox




When you’re hosting your next birthday party take a minute to think about the visibility of your party place from the street. Often cars will be parked all along the front of the house and make it difficult to see the street numbers on the curb. If you’re having it in a restaurant or party room there may not be anything to indicate the location except a list of businesses at the address. A simple thing like a balloon taped to your mailbox can make a big difference as your guests are driving to your party and looking for a place to park. This is especially the case when it’s raining! You can also attach the balloon to a ribbon and then to something (like a brick) and place that INSIDE the mailbox with the ribbons and balloons hanging outside. Just don’t do this if the mailman is scheduled to come during your party.

If a mailbox is not available, a good alternative is pictured above; a yard sign with a balloon taped on it. This is colorful and easy to see and Party City has a nice selection at

Even a balloon taped to your front door offers a visual clue to your event and makes it easier to figure out which house is yours. You can also put things on trees and bushes visible from the street. Your guests will appreciate your extra effort helping them find your party.

Thanks for reading!

Steve Burton-“The Quicker than the Eye Guy”





One thought on “Balloons on the Mailbox

  1. Hi thank you for great ideas in your site, they sound fantastic, I have 9, 11 and 3 years old and I think they will love to have Carnival magic party, and it is cost effective as well, many thanks.

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