DIY Magic Hat invitation



Here is a thank you I received from Ms. Cardosa’s kindergarten class last month. I liked it because it “pops up” when it opens, adding some action to an otherwise static mailer. It occurred to me that this might be a good project for someone to send as a special magical invitation to a family member. If your child is old enough to handle scissors and glue they could help you do it or they might be able to make it themselves. Use a gluestick for the sticky parts,

Make the hat first with three strips of construction paper; two black and a strip of red.

Then make the “THANKS” part to say PARTY or YOU’RE INVITED.

Fold the hat and the THANKS part in half. Refold the hat so there is that triangle portion that folds inward. Use a ruler to make the folded edges sharp. Now get your base paper and fold it in half.

Glue the lower part of the hat to your paper and glue pieces of paper to the lower part of the THANKS or YOU’RE INVITED part. This is to attach it to the paper itself and makes it stand up when it’s opened. Now test it to see if folds right.

When you’re satisfied, tape the back of the YOU’RE INVITED part so it is more permanent and can be opened repeatedly. Add your message and your child’s signature and send one to Grandma!