Decorating for the Magic Party


Often Moms, and party planners in general, will ask, “Do you know where I can get magic themed decorations for the party?” They’ve already hired me and now it’s time to create the excellent magic party they’ve envisioned. Often party planners will want invitations, napkins, plates and decorations to enhance the magical experience for their guests.

Recently, I was hired to perform for a lady named Nadine at her son’s 5th birthday. She had magic plates, napkins and this table centerpiece:


I asked where she got all this good stuff and Nadine pointed me to the following website:

This site has a “Magic Party” as one of their permanent themes and I thought the prices were quite reasonable considering what you would spend running around town visiting various party outlets. You can even buy a Magic Piñata!

You’ll want to put in your order as soon as you hire the entertainer so everything will arrive in time for your party. This is especially true for invitations as they are usually sent out as soon as the theme, date and other details are finalized. In fact, if you’re considering hosting a magician themed party, why don’t you go ahead and order the invitations now? It’ll save time in the future and you can order the plates, centerpieces, napkins and other items as you get closer to the event. All the magic items are not listed on the page above; you’ll need to use the site’s search function for magic invitations, piñatas and other items.

Steve Burton

Magic for Birthday Parties



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