Events for Magic Shows



I keep very busy doing my magic show at children’s birthday parties but in this post I’d like to tell you about some other events I attend on a regular basis.

Day Cares and Pre-Schools hire me to do my kid friendly show especially during the summer months. The warm weather in Houston often keeps the little ones indoors and school directors like how my show keeps them occupied for a good hour during the hottest part of the day.

First Communions are a big event in the spring and after the ceremony many parents host a party in their homes or in a restaurant. My show is a nice way to entertain the children while the parents spend some time enjoying themselves.

Fundraisers for schools is a great way to use my magic show to entertain the students and raise some money for the PTO at the same time. I usually do a couple of shows and the students buy tickets.  I offer a discount for multiple performances to aid the school’s fundraising effort.

Book Fairs hire me to perform and during the show I talk about the books I have written and how reading influenced me to become a magician. Libraries also like this program and elementary schools often have reading rewards programs for students who read a certain number of books during the year.

End of School parties are getting more and more popular especially for elementary schools. The parents usually host these events and my magic show is a great way to tell the kids, “Well Done!” on completing their year.

If you know of anyone who is involved in planning any of these events I hope you’ll direct them to my website: or have them give me a call at (281) 433-8352.

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Tips For A Safe Party



It is your responsibility to look after the safety of your guests whenever you host a party. Accidents do happen but you should do your best to avoid them by thinking ahead to prevent mishaps. On two occasions I have arrived at the event to find there was an ambulance sitting in front of the home. The first incident was a boy who fell out of a tree house and broke his arm. The second time, a large statue in the back garden fell over and injured a little girl.  I’ve also witnessed kids being hurt pretty badly on jump houses and trampolines.

The key to preventing these things from happening is supervision. You have to keep an eye on the boys and girls at your party at all times! I know this is hard as you’re the host and doing your best to keep everyone happy and you cannot be two places at the same time. But as I said, it’s your responsibility to look after the safety of your guests. So, how can we do this?

One really good idea I’ve seen is to hire a babysitter. That’s right, a child coordinator to help you run the party will take a load off your mind. They can coordinate games and look after the safety of your little guests and they can also help serve food and drinks to the kids. You can also ask one of your relatives to help in this regard. Either way, getting some help is a good idea.

Other than that, you should do your best to create a safe environment at your party. One terrible idea that I’ve seen is to cover the floors of the party area with balloons. I’m not talking about helium-filled balloons tied to strings, I’m referring to lots of balloons simply blown up and dropped on the floor completely covering it. The balloons pop all through the party startling everyone over and over again. Also you cannot see the floor so anything actually on the floor will be stepped on and could cause a person to lose their balance. It’ s just a bad idea all around.

Have a first-aid kit within arms reach and make sure it’s well stocked. Remove (or support) large objects that could topple over. Have specific rules of behavior for jump houses, trampolines and large toys; especially those that involve children riding on them. Look for aggressive behavior, especially toward small children, and do what you can to stop it.

By looking after the safety of your guests you will insure a wonderful party experience for all involved. I hope you’ll contact me for entertainment at your party. Check out my website at Have a fun and SAFE holiday season and thanks for reading.

Find the Piñata: Magic Party Game



Here’s a fun and exciting party game that I watched at one of my events. Sue and her daughter Maxine hosted a MAD HATTER BIRTHDAY PARTY with my magic show as the finale. One of the party games they played was quite clever and was a combination of a Scavenger Hunt and a Magic Piñata. Little pieces of paper were hidden in different parts of the house with clues as to the location of the next clue. At the end, the magic piñata was discovered and everyone took part in bashing it open for the eventual deluge of candy treats. Along the way, they found the blindfold, the bashing stick and little treats to keep their interest and excitement. If you’re having a piñata at your party why not make a game out of it and add some excitement? Thanks to Sue and Maxine for a great idea on a magical party game.

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Steve Burton



Magic Show Ticket Invitation



I recently did a birthday party for a young fellow named Isaac whose parents sent out clever invitations to his party. As you can see from the photo above they were styled as a theater ticket to a magic show. I really liked how they featured a photo of the birthday boy and fit the theme of the party perfectly. They are offered on Etsy by the graphic artist Alicia Carlson Norris and cost only $10.75!

They also include a bonus thank you note that can also be personalized as well.


You can find these at

Payment is via Paypal and the turnaround time is just 24 hours. I think this is a great way to invite your guests to your birthday magic show.

If you need a magician for your child’s party I hope you’ll contact me at or call me at (281) 433-8352. I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you might have. Thanks for reading!


Why Magic Shows Are An Excellent Choice For Entertainment



Hiring entertainment in Houston, whether it’s a birthday party, office gathering or organizational event, can be a challenge. There are many choices available and I’d like to tell you why I think a magic show is a great choice.

A magic performance combines other entertainment forms into one event. We use elements of theater; music, costuming, character acting, comedy, pantomime and scripting to create a new world filled with unexplainable events. There are also elements of movement, psychology, engineering and science in a magical demonstration.

It’s also wholesome entertainment. You don’t find that very much these days as even television for children seems to have become more edgy and not always a good experience. A magic show with humor and comedy engages the audience in a fun experience that is also family friendly.

But the best thing that a magic show provides better than any other is-MYSTERY. The human mind is, by nature, curious and magic routines can stir the imagination with a one of a kind experience that borders on the unbelievable. At least, we can try!

If you really want a great way to entertain your guests-and not spend a fortune-a magic show is a fantastic choice. I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to prove this to you at your next event by emailing or call (281) 433-8352. My Houston Magician website is at

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Halloween Magic Show



A magic show and Halloween go together perfectly and here are some ideas on how to host a show for the season. Halloween falls on a Monday this year which means it will be a great weekend to combine the holiday with a party. Harry Houdini passed away on Halloween and so it has always been a special event for magicians.

I offer a kid-friendly Halloween show where a picture of a house magically becomes filled with ghosts and the kids get to meet my invisible ghost, Chester, who drinks a glass of milk and writes a message on a chalk slate. My costume fits the theme and many of my past clients make my show the big event at the end of their party.

Set up your house for a night of spooky happenings and check out Party City’s Halloween page at . For the girls you can mix the theme with Frozen or a princess party and, for the boys, Batman is a natural fit. Ideas for activities include a scavenger hunt, costume contest and a Jack-o-Lantern piñata. While the party’s happening you can have a movie playing on the big screen and I suggest: It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Sesame Street’s A Magical Halloween Adventure and Disney’s Wicked.

If your child’s birthday falls close to October 31st you can combine the two for a truly epic event. My show combines elements of the birthday party and the Halloween theme. If you’re in the Houston area, and like this idea, please contact me for a Halloween Magic Show at or you can e-mail me at You can also give me a call at 281-433-8352. Thanks for reading! Steve Burton Magician

Magic Birthday Party Checklist




Have a plan for where you’re going to hold your party. See my suggestions in the post in December, 2014 on party places not in your home.

Ask your son or daughter who they would like to invite and get them to write down their names. Don’t forget cousins and other relatives along with their school chums.

Call me and see if I’m available on the day you have in mind. You might also check with important guests and see if they’re available on that date as well.

Make a list of party supplies including: invitations, thank you notes, decorations, tablecloths, napkins, cake, ice cream and a sign for the party. Beside each item on your list put a possible source either on the internet or at stores in the area. Your goal is to be able to get everything you need in one day if you have to go out shopping. Send out the invitations when they arrive and order things on the internet well in advance.

Think about the food you’re going to serve. Keep it simple with finger foods like celery with peanut butter filling, carrots, popcorn balls, little sandwiches and the like. Drinks can be purchased in advance and chilled the day of the event. When you decide what you’re going to serve; make a grocery list.

Order the cake so it will be ready ahead of time. If you have room in your fridge get the cake early so you don’t have as many errands the day of the party.

The day before your party decorate the house and do any last minute shopping. Prepare the finger foods and clean the house and back yard. You should be ready for a great party the next day when all you have to do is ice down the drinks, bring out the food, and put the sign in the front yard. You won’t have to worry about me as I will have confirmed my appearance a few days before. Get your son or daughter to lend a hand, after all it’s really their day and they should be happy to pitch in! Good luck!

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